Market Report - Street Food Festival

Just a super quick update - Street Food Festival was a great event, with average vendor sales over $925/vendor. We’re really happy it was such a fun weekend!

Keep in mind that cutoff for all markets ends on Tuesdays; if you miss the deadline, we will be unable to assist you and walk-ups are currently suspended. You can register for events weeks in advance, so set your reminders!

Also, if you create an account within Signup Genius you can view all of the events you are registered for. If you have registered for events without having an account, you can still create a new account using the same email address and all of your previously registered events will still appear. They make it super easy!

Have a great weekend!


Different topic, Chris. I have been looking
for my #2 invoice for the Holiday Market. Have not found it but I have changed phones and have had issues with email since. Any chance it has not been sent yet?

Thinking you’d have better luck emailing the help desk.