Market Soft Drink Policy

Hi guys! Just wanted to remind you of the Market’s Coca-Cola policy. Over the past several weeks, we’ve noticed quite a few vendors who were selling cans, or selling bottles in the wrong size, or selling the right sized bottles at the wrong price, or different branded products entirely. The goal with this is that we all sell the same product at the same price so no one is unfairly advantaged in getting needed hydration to the masses. So here ’s a link to the policy, and I’ll also outline it below:

  • Only Coca-Cola products distributed by Chattanooga Coca-Cola Bottling Company, unless it’s a hand-made drink by the vendor.
  • Only 20 oz. bottles of soda or water
  • 20 oz. bottles of Dasani water are $3
  • 20 oz. bottles of all types of soda are $4

That’s the short version, but please refer to the linked rule for further context. Also, we are assuming that only food truck vendors will be selling these items. If you are a non-food truck vendor who would like to sell these products, we may be willing to approve those sales on a case by case basis. Please contact the help desk ( if you would like further clarification.