New Fee to Change Booth Assignment

Summer has finally arrived in Chattanooga! We were treated to unseasonably good weather throughout the spring this year. But the heat is here - for the next few months at least. And as outdoor temperatures rise, so does the risk of afternoon pop up storms.

Market staff understand that outside booths, and even some indoor spots, become uncomfortable in both the heat and the storms. That being said, we’re continuing to come close to full capacity each weekend. This means some of you simply will have to be assigned to outside spaces or to other uncomfortable spots in the pavilion. In weeks past, we’ve had a long list of vendors wanting to change their spot for a more favorable location, and it’s started to create a bit of a quagmire in the mornings.

While we will continue to allow you to request a change in location, starting this weekend, July 9, 2023, we will be requiring a $20 fee to change your booth location. Please note that any change is contingent on booth availability. Some weeks, there may not be room inside the pavilion to allow anyone to change location.

Thank you for your understanding, and see you guys Sunday for the Peach Festival!