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We have been exploring options for Holiday Market 2020, and discussing some of the challenges we had in 2019, and have reached a point where we have some decisions to make. There are some advantages to us being at the Convention Center, especially when the weather is foul, but the rates quoted for 2020 are 27% higher than last year. So it’s given us some pause to reflect on what we would like to see in 2020.

Historically, we held a one-weekend Holiday Market at the Pavilion the first weekend in December - we did that for 13 or 14 years. We can go back to that model and be outside for 1 weekend, then inside for the remaining two. Or we can kiss the indoor experience goodbye altogether and stay at the Pavilion for three weekends – and with a bit of investment, we can explore hanging clear tarps around the exterior to cut the wind a bit.

Being at the Pavilion that first weekend would also put us back into the MAINx24 mood - many of which park at the Stadium for that weekend anyway. And we can have our own food/beverage once again! That’s definitely a good point. Overnight security costs are required, so that bumps makes it closer to an Opening Weekend/Oktoberfest fee structure.

Decisions, decisions - what to do?

To give you some idea of the setup costs, here is an approximate cost for each option (Holiday Market 2019 setup was $325/single booth for the three weekends, plus $50 for power = $375)

  • Stay Indoors at the Convention Center: $425 + 50 = $475 for 3 weeks
  • Do a Combo of 1 weekend @ Pavilion ($90) + 2 weeks at Convention Center (300 + 50) = $440. Not a huge cost benefit with this approach.

Return to Pavilion for three weeks and give up on the Convention Center

  • $90 x3 weekends = $270 for Basic Pavilion (that you already know and love!),

  • or keep the fees the same as 2019 and spend the extra budget on clear tarps/windows to wrap the pavilion for a new Winter Pavilion $325. The temperature is definitely not going to change much, but we might be able to cut the wind out and make it somewhat more comfortable.

Ultimately, it’s a $150-200/per booth premium to move indoors into the trade center for Holiday Market - and we lose our food/beverage options as part of that arrangement.

I’m curious to hear what your thoughts are - please vote in the poll below and share your thoughts. We’ve had a good Holiday Market run for the last 6 years, but it never hurts to rethink our options.

Just so that we’re clear – the final decision will not be based on the poll alone (in part, because not everyone involved will vote). But I’m hopeful your feedback will help us to make the best decision.

  • Indoors: 3 weeks @ Convention Center ($475)
  • Combo: 1 week @ Pavilion, 2 weeks @ Convention Center ($440)
  • Winter Pavilion: 3 weeks @ Pavilion with winter tarps/tents and other winterizations ($325)
  • Basic Pavilion: 3 weeks @ Pavilion with no modifications ($270)!

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Couple of questions, if we are at the Winter Pavillion is there any way to leave the set-up? Also, if we are outside does that open it up to someone selling Christmas trees and maybe some Christmas decorations for the pavilion?


There is no way to leave things setup during the week at the Pavilion. But that brings up a good point – we do not have that guarantee at the Convention Center, either. You should consider both scenarios as a weekend up/down.

It would allow for Christmas Trees and other vendors to be outside, we did have that in the past. Tom Sawyer Trees, I think was their name


@StoneLinkDesigns I love the idea of seeing Lights/light show on the Pavilion. @chris Bold idea to wrap the Pavilion in plastic.


I would happily pay the higher price to stay indoors…well maybe not happily but… I do shows full time and there are some shows that charge $500 for just 3 DAYS. I dont worry so much about us, the vendors being affected by the weather and temps, I worry how it will affect the attendance. There are some who will come regardless but others will will hear its outdoors and be like “I’m out on that” and wont even give it a chance on seeing that its weatherized or whatever. Tough call, but I’ll be there regardless and support yall in whatever happens.


I think I speak for all the food truck vendors when I say I always feel left out at the Holiday Market. It would be great if you decided to move the Holiday Market to the pavilion and include the food vendors.


Wondering how the vote registers? I voted but don’t see an enter button. Also the total didn’t go up when I hit my selection.


Oh, I think it did - as soon as you select, it’s cast. 29 people have voted thus far


WOW that was quick thank you.


I wondering how the tarps/winterization will work at the entrances. Also consider renting/buying those patio heaters and place them around the market area.


Not as well as real doors/walls :slight_smile: It definitely will be less than perfect, but perhaps better than normal.


We would rather be indoors but if that can’t happen, winterized would be good. Food trucks and that being advertised would be awesome. But, being lit up, decorated, festive would be wonderful! I don’t know, the winter has been mild and we tend to forget how cold it can be…pros and cons for each venue.


Staying at the Convention Center is too expensive. How many vendors can fit into the pavilion? Will some have to be outside? Is there another indoor venue available in Chattanooga?


This is why we are conducting the survey.

A lot more can go into the Convention Center (70-100k sf) than the Pavilion (56k sf); we would effectively be already soldout for the Pavilion. Additional vendors (such as food trucks) could indeed go outside.

There is nothing large enough to host us in Chattanooga except for the Pavilion and the Convention Center.


How much would electricity be for the Pavilion so we can bring a heaters to keep us warm? I do think having space heaters setup through the pavilion would be great for the customers shopping.


Electric heaters are explicitly forbidden at the Pavilion – that sounds harsh, but the electrical system just can’t handle the load. Some people bring small propane heaters, which work nicely for keeping your hands warm.

The Pavilion is massively huge, and there is no way we will be able to warm it to a comfortable level. The best we can hope to do is to knock the wind back some. If it’s 18 degrees outside, it’s going to be 18 degrees inside.

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I’m with you on this…to me it’s well worth the investment to stay indoors. But if we have to do it at the pavilion I’m in as well but I do fear a dramatic loss in sales myself.


I would much rather be indoors for the 2020 Holiday market, but if that’s not gonna happen then winterizing the pavilion would be good. But I do fear we would lose a lot of customers if we moved to the pavilion. I’ll go wherever you decide though and I appreciate all the hard work.


I think we should expect to tear down each weekend if we stay at the Convention Center, it’s inevitable. If I have to load/unload each week I’d rather be at the Pavilion! I can bring a small propane heater, if needed.


I definitely prefer to stay indoors. In fact, it’s the main reason I’ve continued to stay with this market for the holiday season instead of trying other larger shows. At the holiday market, we also get three sides to work with, which we only have two at our current pavilion spot. Which is why I happily put down a deposit so that I can keep that spot in the convention center. I really appreciate the effort going in to trying to make other options available and for so many options, but I personally prefer it to stay at the convention center!