Layout/Reserved Booth Update

Due to a layout/painting error, the booth numbers (coordinates) have been incorrectly marked on the pavilion floor for some time. They are now corrected, and while everyone maintains their previous space – the actual booth number for a few might have changed.

If you are in the block of C21-D28 in particular, your booth # may have shifted to match the actual (corrected) booth ID. Please see the map for clarity, and your actual #s (hopefully correct this time!)

Account Name, Chattanooga Reserved Booth

Kei’s Crafty Tearalins, A15

Burlaep Apparel, A17

Chattanooga Brew Brew, A34

Cindys Imagination, C14

Moccasin Bend Soap Company, C18

Macrame by Betsy Laurent, C21

Creative Metal Adornments, C26

Jacquie Leavitt, C27

Chei-man Tea, C28

Mix It Up, C34

Faces By Deb, C6

Feat of Clay, D14

Wanderlust and Wolf, D16

Connie’s Creations, D18

Steven Llorca Creative Media, D21

Bo Peeps Black Sheep, D24

High Road Soap, D26

Noke’s Granola, D28

Bluff View Bakery, D31

Miller Company (Lemonade), D42

The Kettle Corn Man, F28

Sky-Dog Boutique, H10

Photography by Chris Schniering, H14

Dennis Jones Jewelry, H16

Art Farm, H18

DM Woodturning, H21

P&D Jewelry Designs, H23

TKell Knives, H25

Kevin Livingood Photography, H27

Full Circle Candles, H29

Sowing Seeds Farm, H30

Rosemary Knoll Eatable Delights, H34

Red Clay Farm, H36

Hazelrig Orchards, H38

Front Porch Pottery, I16

Seasons, I18

The Leather Underground, I21

Oliver Family Business, I23

StoneLink Designs, I27

Lily Pond Lapidary, I29

Robert Emery Chocolate, I33

Nat’s Wraps (Flying Horseshoe Farm), K23

Apison Creek Coffee Roasters, K25

Sleepy Hollow Farm, K27

Myers Farm Beef, K33

Crumbleberry, K35

Pie R Square, K37

Molly’s Sweet Shop, K39

Chris, It looks like an extra spot was put in next to us? I thought there was only 3 spots including ours, now I see c-21,22-23-24? Is there an extra?

Yes - that was one of the discoveries

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I am not quite sure what I am looking at… So on this new map, is the horizontal line #20 the path to the gap in the wall that accesses the bathroom? Trying to figure out if I have been shifted away from the power pole that I use or if the other end of D line (Nokes) have been shifted toward the front of the building? I cant seem to figure out how another spot got put in there without some of the booths shifting. Could you elaborate please and help me understand what I am not getting. Thx in advance.

Nobody in a RB has moved – only the numbers. They were just wrong before You/Laurent are corners next to the large walkway to the restrooms - same as before. Well, I take that back - I think Bo Peep may be slightly different (but still on the corner)

The markings conflicted with the map/intentions, and we realized the number was wrong. We think this make it all happy again

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Thanks Chris. Is Suga’s still in the same spot?

Yes - the numbering glitch with the booths was primarily in the section indicated by the graphic.

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Chris thanks for keeping us informed. Will the spaces be relabeled to reflect this? There are many unreserved in that group of booths as well as A row and there is often confusion about boundaries especially with new vendors.

They should be - @Jimbo871 spent several days repainting everything to make them simpler/easier to locate.

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Having set up in D23, I am baffled how an additional 10’ square can be added without causing the open lanes to be narrowed by pushing both Bo Peep and Steven Llorca 5 feet each into the walk way. But I will see you on Sunday. Do we have to maintain walkways a certain size due to the Fire Marshall?

It’s all 10’ aisles, as always

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