Opening Weekend - Sunday Only

There are a handful of slots available for Sunday-only participants during the upcoming Opening Weekend; registration is open until Apr 13 for these participants.

Due to full weekend participation levels, all Sunday-only Arts & Crafts vendors will be placed outside regardless of priority points/seniority. Only signup for Sunday if you can be happy with that condition.

We will publish the Season Pass selections early next week.

Hi- I was a first time vendor at the Chattanooga River Market today- had a great time and was very impressed with the market. Thank you for letting me attend. My question is I want to sign up to be a vendor at the Pavilion-do I need to apply and submit an application ? If so - where do I find the application? Also where do I sign up for new vendor orientation? Thanks so much- Kim Crews

Hi Kim,

Market vendors are generally approved for all markets, regardless of location, unless your product category is restricted for some reason. Click RSVP at the top of the Forum, selection the market/dates you wish to attend and register – just like you did for River.

Welcome to the Market, glad you had a good day