Reminder of Market Vendor Guidelines and Best Practices

Below are the Market Vendor Guidelines and Best Practices that vendors should be following at all of our markets. As we open up more markets please help us ensure we are doing everything possible to promote safety for our customers.

  • If you are sick or have been exposed to (or suspect you have been exposed to) COVID-19, you will not be able to attend the Market.
  • All Vendors and employees must take their temperatures before arriving at any Market.
  • All vendors must check-in at the front desk upon arrival and complete the COVID-19 Screening before booth placement. Check-in starts at 8:00 am and closes at 9:00 am.
  • Vendors are required to provide their hand sanitizer, gloves, masks, and sanitizing wipes. Vendors are encouraged to wipe down their booth surfaces and sanitize/wash their hands at least once per hour if not after each transaction.
  • All vendors and employees must wear a mask at all times. failure to do so will result in being asked to leave without a refund.
  • Product sampling from a common source is not allowed. Onsite food consumption is prohibited, so do not provide utensils with purchases.
  • Tablecloths are recommended to not be used.
  • Vendors are required to arrange their booth in such a way that doesn’t encourage customers to touch the product or come in close proximity to the product.
  • Vendors are encouraged to implement a contactless pay system or low-touch pay system and will encourage and promote pre-order/pickup whenever possible.
  • All vendors with two staff members must have one designated staff member to handle payments and one designated staff member to handle food products. Vendors with only one staff member at the market handling money will wash or sanitize their hands before touching food products again.
  • Vendors must inform Market staff or security of unsafe situations requiring immediate attention
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Hey Tucker can we wear a shield. They are bought ones not handmade.

Hi Tucker,

Theses appear to be for food vendors (although some are applicable to craft vendors). Are there any additional guidelines/best practices for craft vendors?


Are we allowed to use vinyl table coverings that can be easily wiped down with disinfectant?

Hey Wendy – I believe the answer to that is yes. Fabric (primarily for use on dining tables) is discouraged. I’m not entirely certain that this requirement was intended for our circumstances, but we’ll do our best to interpret their intent/ultimate goals.

I’ll re-ask my question: Are there any additional guidelines/best practices for craft vendors?


These are all the guidelines/best practices we do not have any additional for craft vendors.

Ok, thanks! …

Aram – the definitive guide is always the website. Our posts are supplemental, but the Governor’s team pushes out new info almost constantly. We try to review it every few days to see what is new, and to share that with you.

Thanks Chris!..

Earlier in the season, there was mention of a clear divider. Is this still part of the recommended guidelines or not so much now since we have mandatory mask wearing in place?

The clear divider is up to you. It is not required.

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