Vendor Video Meeting 5/1/2020 Repost

Thanks to everyone who attended the video meeting yesterday; here is a rebroadcast of the event.


In listening to the video, relative to handling packages, in other food essential markets they are dictating that packages should be bagged by the vendor then placed on front part of the table for the customer to pick up. We should not hand it to them directly.

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I’ve read that some Farmers Market make you pre order your food/ vegetable items, for pick up only. This may have changed when some of the restrictions lifted. I do see why some Vendors selling sweets, cakes, bread, etc. would need to have a type of screen ( plexiglass) in front of their merchandise to avoid contamination.

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Yes - several markets who stayed open during the stay-at-home orders implemented those drive-through only measures; but in a few cases, those markets were also 7-days/week types with a relatively fixed vendor group.

We’ve deliberately waited until now, as the restrictions are becoming slightly more relaxed, in order to retain our fundamental approach of people browsing/shopping in person. Product shields, etc. are definitely part of the new normal, along with face masks.