River June Registrations

Based on the great experience of reactivating Collegedale today, I’ve gone ahead opened up River Market registrations for June. Approved market vendors in the Arts & Crafts categories may register online via the vendor portal.

COVID19 Additional River Market Terms:

  • Vendors must wear face masks, stay current with health mandates, and abide by CDC, State, Local, Aquarium and Market rules
  • No reserved booths; spaces assigned by Market Manager for the time being
  • Non-refundable fees, unless cancelled by Market/Government due to health mandate or inclement weather (then a full refund/credit). Don’t register unless you expect to attend.
  • If you are at-risk, unhealthy or live with someone who is — stay home. We want for everyone to stay safe
  • Booth sharing is allowed, provided all vendors/products are previously approved
  • No signup limits for approved arts/crafts – attend the River Market days as frequently as you desire.

The aquarium will be requiring all staff and aquarium guests to wear a face mask; we will also be requiring all market staff and market vendors to demonstrate the same public courtesy and to wear a face mask.

Finally, there are no registration limits at this time - if you want to signup for every river market day, you may do so. Keep in mind that there will not be any refunds given, and we also hope to open up more booths at other market locations as the summer proceeds. I happen to think that the River Market is one of the best ways to reach tourists in Chattanooga – it’s a great market.

But all markets will take some time to recover, as measured in weeks and months - not days. My recommendation would be to to pick a few market dates in June (from across the board, various locations), and take a few weekends off to allow someone else a chance to grab a spot. By the time our community is fully healed, we will be back at full market capacity, too – the two elements will return hand-in-hand. Nothing is going to return to normal overnight.

To register, visit https://publicmarkets.us/register


FYI, we had to reduce the initial daily capacity of this location today by 30% to satisfy the reopening plan/requirements; during June, 35 booths will be the daily limit. That is hoped to increase in the fall.

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