River Market June Activations

Exciting news! We just met with the aquarium staff, and anticipate reopening River Market to arts/crafts starting June 13-14, and continuing on both Saturday and Sundays throughout the summer. Hours will be 10a-5pm both days, as has been the historical schedule.

The layout is going to be substantially different, as the aquarium has modified their guest admission process to address the current health environment. Guests will purchase a ticket with a specific entry time, and will not be able to enter the building until their admission group is called for. That’s where we come in! The guests will have time to shop before (and after) their visit, while they are awaiting their entrance turn.

June 13-14 will be a special Member’s Only event, and good crowds are expected. The next weekend (June 20-21) will begin the General Public admission window, and the road to tourism recovery will begin with earnest. This is a huge moment for Chattanooga, and we all will be doing our parts to restart our summer tourism business.

Capacity each day will be approximately 50 vendors, suitably spaced to allow for social distancing measures, and the State, Local and CDC guidelines will be in effect. Market vendors and staff will be required to wear face masks, as will all aquarium staff and guests, with significant focus on keeping the community healthy. We will also be moving the stage to an area towards the rear patio of the Aquarium, along with about half of the vendor booth locations, so it will be a new experience for everyone!

Registration for this event series will open soon, and it will not be restricted - approved Arts/Crafts can register for as many days as they like. We believe there will be ample capacity at this location to support the vendor interest.


Yes Yes, !!! Thanks

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Can’t wait to try out this lication!

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We are so excited!! This is GREAT news!!

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Awesome! Will there be a heads up on the registration date?

It’s live now, Matthew – https://publicmarkets.us/register

Great. Can wait to get out of the house

What time is check in for River Market this coming up Saturday (June 13th)?

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Setup: 9am

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