River Market Setup Procedures

Effective immediately, River Market Setup Procedures will return to our traditional approach – all vendors must check-in with the Market Manager on duty prior to setting up and select booth location based on Priority Points from the registration list. Walk-up vendors will be processed last.

Brandy and Tucker both will be onsite this Saturday to restart the market process. Thanks for cooperation while as we return the River Market to our traditional operating procedures.


Saturday will be my first time at River Market, where will I find Brandy and Tucker for check in?

We will be at the River Market office!

They are right in the middle of the plaza – there is a kiosk or “bunker” which has some of our signage on it. Practically everyone out during that time in the morning will be one of us, or aquarium staff; just ask and someone will point you the right direction!

Should be a lovely weekend!

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Awesome, thanks all!

What time do we check in with the manager, please?

Each Market has a published setup time on the individual market detail/registration page. The upper-left corner, below the description section, indicates 9am for River. See you then!


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Thanks, Chris, see you!


People typically have started setting up at 8am because people start to walk by and attend the aqaurium at 9am. Concerned we might standing around waiting for awhile. I hope Brandy and Tucker get there at 8 to prevent issues from starting early with people setting up and such.

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9a is the market setup time, and 10am is when the market opens. It’s been that way for years. If there is a desire to start earlier, that can be discussed and possibly the hours modified. But the 5pm closure is a hard requirement (aquarium doesn’t want us breaking down during their peak hours), so extending has a human impact.

Once Reserved Booths return to River, those vendors would be allowed to setup early/sell early – that’s probably the approach we’ll take. But I’m not sure that we will roll RBs back out this year…

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I understand. I request that we do roll call at least at 8:30 because the reason we have been setting up earlier is because people do start shopping at 9:30 ish. I think many vendors would agree. Set up for most people takes at least an hour and most of us were still setting up today when lots of people started walking around. In my experience, there are much fewer customers between 4-5, but I get the Aquarium wants us here.

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I appreciate that we are getting back to the normal setup. It was nice to go back to our point system. I like knowing I have worked hard for my points. Thank you for attempting to have the norm for at least something in this crazy world.

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