Season Pass/Reserved Booths 2021

" Vendors with more than 200 Priority Points will be processed immediately, and those with less than 100 will be processed in May. "

What about vendors with 100-200?

Ha! Yeah, I noticed that after I published… lol. In reality, I meant to simply set the boundary at over/under 200 points initially. In some cases, we can go ahead and schedule mid-100s with RBs, but Chattanooga is the challenge – it depends on how many people express interest. So far, it’s been primarily our 400-600 point vendors signing up (easy decision - they will clearly get a spot)

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I’ve reduced the Season Pass rate at Collegedale to $425; daily registration rates will remain unchanged. We have some great momentum at that location, and we are serious about making it continue to grow.

When will I receive notice to pay?

Tucker has started working on Collegedale and River – it takes a while! But hopefully soon

I just looked at the map Tucker sent me and the reserved booth I have had since the beginning is now between two other booths. Are the booths in the middle now in groups of three instead of two?

Oh the CRAZY possibility that none of the 5 spots we picked are available when you get to our name, what happens?

I guess I don’t understand. Tucker’s email says:

"Deadline to submit your locations is Friday by Noon.
I will be sending out invoices in the next day or so which will need to be paid in full by Friday at noon as well. "

But Chris said:

If we have to pay by Friday, how will we know if we have our same spot or what our options are? Sorry if I am missing something obvious!

We will reach back out and get your next 3 top locations.

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Then you would need to pick a new reserved booth. You would just need to select the booth next to your old booth to have a corner booth.

I’m hoping to have all booth assigned by Friday at Noon. It’s not a hard deadline, but need to ensure I can process all selections at the same time. Also, you will most likely get one of the your top 5 selections. It is rare people do not.

If you are not fine with paying until you know your exact spot that is completely fine.

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Thanks, Tucker.

Feel free to call if you need to.

I just got the email today that reserved booths are back. I did the online form, but I don’t know if I have 200 points. Will I get an email with the booth selections that are left if I qualify? thank you!

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I applied for a reserved booth, but where can I find the booth options to put in our top 5? The reserved booth page didn’t have options, just basic information. Maybe I’m missing it? Thanks.

Could I get that map?

Am I still considered a member? When I clicked on the link for market registrations, it did not recognize me.

Thank you,
Susan Parry

This is what is said:

You are entering an event registration portal which is intended to be used by approved vendors only. Only vendors who have applied and been accepted by the Market, and are current with their insurance, permits and other qualifying requirements, are eligible to register using this website. Registrations are non-refundable, so proceed with care.

Does everyone see this or just non-members?

Thanks again, Susan

Everyone sees that Susan – we don’t track you, thus our computers don’t ever know who you are. It’s just a standard message to make the random people who might drop by aware that they are not entitled to participate at a market simply because they register and pay the setup fee.

We have paid for all markets that we are going to do at Collegedale (up to Chatta opening market) Then we paid for opening weekend and we want our reserved booth which I sent to the email given. I received a Bill for 425.00 but I’m not doing a reserved booth at Collegedale. I guess I’m all confused. What do I need to do?

Kei - just don’t pay it; mistakes happen on our end, too. Be sure to email the help desk for individual support questions (