Season Wrap, Winter Hours

Thanks for a terrific Holiday Market 2020, and the conclusion of our 2020 Season. It’s been a year to forget, but we’re really grateful to end things on a positive note.

Holiday Market 2020 vs 2019:

  • 2020: average daily sales/vendor: $551
  • 2019: average daily sales/vendor: $482

So on an average vendor basis, this year was 14% better than the prior year! People really came out to support the market this season, and it showed.

Because we had fewer vendors participating, the overall (total) sales were lower - but still quite solid. On a daily basis, sales were evenly spread across all six days:

  • W1/Sat: $69,835
  • W1/Sun: $76,720
  • W2/Sat: $72,408
  • W2/Sun: $74,163
  • W3/Sat: $66,814
  • W3/Sun: $75,718

If anything, I felt that some of the Saturday SEC Football games might have impacted us a bit – but overall, each weekend averaged out about the same.

A few other significant milestones: we had three vendors exceed $10k in total sales, which is a new record, and 23 total in excess of $5k. A special congrats to those who dialed into the customer trends just perfectly this season.

It’s been a decade since Holiday Market played such an important role in our season, but Holiday Market 2020 became 24% of our entire season. Total market sales were $1.8m, down from $4.3m the year prior.

The good news? We survived, and next year will be better. Stay safe over the winter, and we all look forward to a stronger future. Happy Holidays!

ps - our winter hours are going to be very thin; email the help desk if you need something, and please expect a lengthy delay in hearing a response. We are closed for Winter Break until mid-January


Thank you for keeping us employed … xoxo
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year’s to everyone!


Have a safe and Happy New Year’s everyone, here’s to an even better 2021.

Sorry for the late response! Took a serious time out!
Just want to thank the whole Public Markets team for all of your fantastic efforts, leading to all of our success during 2020. You’ll kept all the markets going when many others could not! A personal shout out to Tucker & the Chattanooga Market team!! Great job in 2020! Thank you so much!!! We look forward to the 2021 season!! God Bless and Be Safe!!!