Holiday Market, Weekend Two

Congrats on a great weekend! Sunday was the best recorded Holiday Market day ever, and Saturday was solid – combined, you reported $185,703 in sales this weekend! Tucker did a great heat map of the layout, showing where sales occurred throughout the map, and we confirmed that revenues were consistent and dispersed throughout the venue.

Speaking of reporting… it’s been a while since we’ve run across someone who is blatantly dishonest, but we have learned of a vendor who shared with multiple sources that they were not paying their full sales commissions. The market is based on trust and integrity, and this type of behavior is a violation of our Code of Conduct. We have taken permanent corrective action.

One last bit of housekeeping: after this upcoming weekend, we are wrapping things up and closing for Winter Break. We will be back in the office for limited hours starting Jan 6, and most everyone will be taking vacation on/off until Spring. Winter Market announcements will be made the first half of January.


The average gross sales- is that per day or for both days?


Average Sales would be per day; in reality, Saturday averaged a bit less and Sunday a bit more


Thank you, Chris. I appreciate the clarification.