Weekend Report 7/3-7/5

July 4th weekend had some strong points:

  • River Market: $25,684 (Sat best: $471/vendor sales avg)
  • Chattanooga: $23,515 ($413 vendor sales avg)
  • Collegedale: $5,685 ($284 vendor sales avg)

The news, the heat and the holiday all worked against us on Sunday – Fri/Sat were quite good. We’re looking at River hours/days to see if there is room for improvement there. It’s quite a good location.

Please pay close attention to the Face Mask Mandate effective into September; it’s a Class C Misdemeanor to not comply:
Mandatory Mask Order through Sep 8

I am in complete support of the executive order, and will do everything possible to minimize the risks to the market, our vendors/staff/customers and hasten the return to normalcy. Thanks to everyone for being patient, supportive and active in your efforts to comply with the mandates. I know the masks are unpleasant, especially as the summer heats up.