Best Weekend of 2020

Congratulations on the best Weekend of 2020! River Market posted combined vendor sales of $17,500 (a record day for 2020, and the 3rd best River Market day in history), and Chattanooga Market also posted it’s best day of 2020 ($40,789). Collegedale’s number have not yet been calculated, but I’ve been told it was a good day there as well.

As a reminder, registration cutoff for events will always be Tuesday – tomorrow! Mon/Tue is our normal “weekend” anyway, so the Monday holidays do not change things.


Glass Cannon Studio is in need of small business advise as we grow. Does anyone have a good referral for business info in Hamilton County?

What kind of advice? msg me privately - click on my profile photo to do so

I attempted to Sign up Monday and Tuesday for Saturday but I think my computer is getting old. It’s frustrating. First time this season I’ve had problems.

Sorry – you can always register for the next weekend while at the market (one of our market managers can help you with the process). Sometimes things just don’t work perfectly… it might have been a one-off situation!