Market Report, Spring Openers 2021

I’m running a bit behind on my reporting, but last weekend (River and Collegedale Markets) openers were as good has what vendors had been reporting to me:

  • River Friday: $10,661 ($410 avg sales/vendor)
  • River Saturday: $22,221 ($741 avg sales/vendor)
  • Collegedale Sunday: $15,793 ($322 avg sales/vendor)

Total weekend: $48,676! That’s very solid, and in fact River Saturday was the highest sales ever recorded at the River Market – and we are operating under 50% reduced vendor capacity!

My personal feeling is that this season is going to be one of solid rebuilding and recovery, and we are off to a terrific start!


FarmToMed is looking forward to Opening Day at the Chattanooga Market!


I’m thinking as the weeks go by it will only get better. People will have their vaccines and will finally be able to get out of the house!