2019 Holiday Market Setup RSVP now open

For vendors that have pre-registered for the Holiday Market at the Chattanooga Convention Center, please register for a load-in time. By having specific load-in times it helps prevent a lot of traffic jams!

Remember half of the Convention Center will have to move out after the first Sunday and will move back in the next Saturday morning. If you are unsure if you will have to move out you can email help@publicmarkets.us and will let you know.

If you did not register for this event in advance this does not give you space at the event!!

mollys will arrive at 11:30–12:00 or the first earliest time. Thanks Mr. Molly

Elaines eden/knots of love I can be there between 4:30 and 5 pm

You will need to sign up via the online rsvp portal.