Holiday Market Load-Out

We are looking forward to wrapping up the season on a positive note, and settling down for the holidays. A few housekeeping notes:

  • Please be sure to make your envelope drops each day this weekend; your status will be suspended if we do not have reports from you

  • Unlike the load-in process, leaving the facility is somewhat of a mass-exit event. It’s first-packed, first-out – but please be courteous and recognize that if you are not ready to leave, your vehicle does not need to be in the loading area.

  • Last year, everyone was extremely nice and we were completely out of the facility by 8pm. Let’s see if we can’t continue that tradition – a patient approach makes everyone feel better about the final moments of the season.

  • Your Early Bird Registration needs to be received, along with payment, prior to your departure to guarantee your 2021 spot. General registration will open on July 1, 2021 for everyone else.

  • Our offices (email, phones, forums, etc) will be closed for a couple of weeks; you might get a response, but odds are you will not until after we return.

  • At this particular moment, we are planning to reopen Collegedale Market on February 14, 2021 for the winter series. Change to the health status may change that, but at the moment I’m hopeful that we will see some improvements between now and then.

  • River Market is planned to open in March, and Chattanooga in April. More details to be published on this forum 30-60 days ahead of our traditional season openers. The speed of the vaccine deployment and efficacy will greatly determine our capacities and approaches towards these events.

For those curious, attached is our current Holiday Market summary with the Top 20 booths (and their categorization) included. The overall vendor average sales for this year is current at $549/vendor day. Sales have been fairly consistent across the four days. Good luck to all during this final weekend of the market.


Hey Chris, would it be possible to have a security presence outside the convention center rather than sitting inside during load out? Last year, a guy followed us two blocks to our car, only desisting when I started screaming at him but he then returned to the center and was harassing vendors, some of whom gave him money. He left when I came and got Tucker and the officer but it wasn’t a very comfortable experience for a few. As you know it’s dark and people know we have cash. Just seeing a cop might be a deterrent? I know it’s our responsibility but if help is available it would be awesome.


Well, it’s a bit late for that request – we have to schedule CPD well in advance. But I’ll see if we can’t do something. If someone lurks, let us know ASAP and call 911 if there is a threat.

Should I stop by today with a check to sign up for Early bird registration for next year’s Holiday Market?
Thank you,
Susan Parry