Holiday Market Report, w1-w2 (2022)

The momentum of Holiday Market 2022 has been impressive; we are tracking well ahead of 2021 pace, crowds have been great with record sales.

week 1: $123,266 (sat), $139,409 (sun)
week 2: $138,963 (sat), $142,933 (sun)

avg vendor sales (per day): $781

In the friendly competition department, our interim standings of the Top 3 Holiday Leaders are:

  • Federal Bake Shop
  • Rosemary Knoll
  • Chei-man Tea

Congrats to these three for blazing new sales levels; we will see how the final counts end next week to crown our Holiday Champ! It’s going to be a close finish.

Sunday was the best single Holiday Market day in our history, thanks in part to the very popular Lodge Cast Iron Breakfast event. We’re very excited to see the final weekend sales, and the end to a terrific season.

Others will be following up with posts on the exit process, but please remember that Saturday is the final day of Early Bird 2023 registration.. If you have a question, ask the front desk on Saturday – the process will not be available on Sunday, as map changes for 2023 will already be underway. Open Registration will begin again in July, 2023.


Its wonderful to be back. Thanks y’all :grin:

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Can I register as Early Bird if I havent been to this years holiday market?

Excellent question - the answer is no, only current Holiday Market participants can Early Bird Register for next season.

With the Early Bird process, existing vendors have first priority to return to their same spots next season – so if everyone Early Bird renews, there would be no capacity remaining for incoming vendors. We don’t know who/how many plan to return, thus we can’t open up registration to new participants until we see those numbers.

General registration will open in July, and so far everyone who has registered in July has been able to participate in the event series. If you sign up when we first make the July post, you should be fine.