CDC Update - 8 week delay

This is all incredible, for all of us. We are closely monitoring the situation, and hopeful that the measures being taken minimize the long-term impact.

Opening Weekend beyond Mother’s Day are now threatened; this approaches $1m in market vendor revenues lost. Truly tragic, but hopefully these actions will protect lives and strengthen our community.

Please plan accordingly – hunker down and be prepared to weather the storm. This is unprecedented, and we’re all in uncharted territory. Although it’s going to take a long time to recover, we will find a way to get through this together.


Thanks Chris for the update! We will all come out the other side of this. Be strong


Thanks Chris! I’m sure we will recover, it’s just a matter of time, saving people’s lives should be our priority!

@Melissa had a solid observation - this has all changed so rapidly in the last several hours that it’s quite possible to change yet again, but possibly in our favor.

As such, we’re going to keep the current dates on the calendar for the Chattanooga Market for now – but regardless, we also have some good ideas on ways to make up for lost time once the storms clear. To her point (yet again) - our attractions are going to be the first things people will want to attend once they decide it’s safe to go again.

The difficult part is waiting for the green light… but it will come.


Thank you for the updates. I am taking time to make more products and clean house.

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Thank you for the updates and great info. I don’t always comment, but I always read what you say.

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