Chattanooga May Registrations

Registration for the May Chattanooga Essentials Markets is now online. Before you rush over, read this:

Safety Protocols
Everyone must read and comply with all State, local and CDC guidance regarding current health threats and safety measures. Face masks and other measures are required in order to participate; no exceptions.

Vendor Category
At the bottom of the registration page, you must select the product category you fall into. There are about 15 arts/crafts openings, and 50 farms/food openings. You must select the correct category to have a valid registration. If you do not, your registration will be cancelled and you will not be allowed to attend any Essentials Markets.

We have a limited number of arts/crafts booths for May – 15 for each market day. Please register for one day only, and let someone else have a spot on another day. We expect that capacity will increase in June, so hang in there.

Food Trucks
Not yet - hopefully in June. Take-and-bake items (no hot foods) will be considered, but contact us before registering. We have a very specific and limited mandate which we need to comply with, and we are working to get you back with us ASAP.

Farms/Foods and Essentials
You are eligible to register for all Essentials Markets, without restrictions.

Only approved vendors who have completed a vendor orientation are eligible to attend; there will not be any new vendor orientations until after this initial phase is completed, and we are able to increase capacity of all our markets.

To register, visit


I’m not sure how I could have said things any more clearly – the very first arts/craft order received was for two days – order cancelled.

Will the market be refunding the fees paid for the reserved booths? I signed up for the 24th and had to go ahead and pay, I hope I didn’t accidentally sign up for both days! LOL.

all the previous registrations (opening weekend, etc) have been refunded. RBs will simply pick up where we left off, once the social distancing requirements are lifted.

Sorry to be annoying! Do you mean only one day from each weekend or only one day in May? Thank you for helping an over thinker!

One day for all of May – at least for now. We think this is the most friendly approach for our limited arts/crafts spaces.

If we have unused capacity (ie, fewer farms/food than we anticipate), then we will invite people to register for whatever is available; we are simply trying to give everyone a chance to participate, and begin to feel normal again.

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Yes absolutely! That makes sense. We are just so excited about getting back to market! Can’t wait to see you all!

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