Chattanooga Market July

Registrations are now posted to the vendor portal for July markets. We are returning to full capacity in July! This means that we will have more space available, but also implies that some vendors will be placed outdoors – your priority points will determine placement.

UPDATE: the registration system seems very unhappy with the Chattanooga Market in July. I will make a new forum announcement once the problem is found/resolved.


When will you return to permanent positions?

I signed up for all 4 dates but somehow they all registered as 6/27. Can you fix this?

@Sfarrow56 I pulled the listings to take a look at this; unsure

@Sandy Their return and format was announced in March; here’s the notice:

I looked at July rivermarket and it had sold out

Chris, Chatt Mkt only shows May and June. Also River Mkt already shows sold out for July, with no vendors listed. Is this correct?

I pulled July listings - a few people have reported problems. I’ll have to look at it early next week; my guess is that an automatic software update messed something up.

Yes, I saw this as well, so I did not sign up.

When will we hear where our perm boths will be in Collegedale?

I believe everyone who signed up for a season pass in Collegedale has been given their spot. Check with Tara on Sunday, or contact the help desk.

Hi Chris
I like to register for the July Market but don’t see the button anymore.

Hi Fara,

The entry point for vendor registration has not changed:

For Chattanooga/Collegedale, the green button below the prior event listings will take you to the July registrations.

For River, the new system will be introduced in Aug – the previous listings are active/basically sold-out for July.

Special events have all migrated to Signup Genius as well. The direct link to the River Memorial Day Friday event is here: special events link

Hope that helps!

I’m a new vendor, is there some type of protocol if you’re set up is outside and the weather calls for rain?

I’m also curious about this …

We are a rain or shine event. Today had bad forecasts, but it was a great day. Just be prepared