Chattanooga Market Opening Weekend

Information supplemental to the video above:

Published capacities are for the CAMPUS, not the PAVILION. Booths assigned by Priority Points. If you are relatively new, you will be outside all Spring and into the Summer.


  • bring weights for your tents; the winds can be strong in the Spring
  • electricity is not guaranteed
  • tables for TNDA farms/manufacturers only
  • WiFi not guaranteed; use your mobile phone, or get a hot spot
  • accept credit cards (several cheap providers available)
  • envelopes dropped every night; no drop = no points = market suspension
  • vendor parking passes at front desk when checking-in; 1 per vendor, pavilion lot only. You are responsible for your parking tickets.

Friday April 22

  • 2pm Vendor Setup; please don’t arrive early, we will be busy setting up the venue
  • 5pm New Vendor Orientation, only for those new vendors confirmed for Opening Weekend
  • 8pm venue closed for overnight

Saturday April 23

  • 8am vendor late arrival/setup
  • 10am Market Opens!
  • 5pm Market Close, Day 1

** Sunday April 24**

  • 8am vendor late arrival/setup
  • 10am Market Opens (11am really, but everyone arrives early)
  • 5pm Market Close, Day 2 (4pm theoretically, but everyone stays late)

No driving into the pavilion without Market Manager approval (both for setup and breakdown).


I am a brand new vendor but would love to be at opening weekend. I just want to make sure I RSVP in time to get a spot, is there a certain day I can expect that to be opened so I don’t miss it or should I just check back regularly? I assume all the spots will get booked very fast. Thanks so much

Hi Miette,

You can monitor the forum, and once the listing is posted to Signup Genius (RSVP on the menu at the top of this forum) it won’t allow registration until Mar 24. It takes us a bit of effort to make sure that we have sufficient space – we don’t want to overbook!


Are priority points for the Pavilion only accrued at the pavilion or can we accumulate points at the other markets (River & Erlanger)?

Also, we will have a deep freezer full of cheesecakes so is there a guarantee that we will have power outside the pavilion for each of the days we are able to get in?


You should probably contact the help desk; there is no power at Erlanger or River to speak of.

Points to accumulate from every market event that we host, including Holiday.

We sent in our application on Feb 1, but we are having an issue getting in touch with the Tennessee Ag. Does anyone know a direct line number I can call? Thanks! Lisa

Lisa, please check your email.

We are planning on only being at the market on Sunday. The signup is for the weekend. How do we specify we are there for one day (Sunday) or is the signup for the whole weekend regardless of the day? I read the handbook and I can’t get the video to replay if it was covered. Thanks!

We do not currently offer a Sunday-only for Opening Weekend (other than farms); that will be announced after the April 8 enrollment period ends, if space is available.

Rookie confusion; I’m scheduled for opening weekend but on Sign-Up-Genius it says we are only scheduled for Fri 4/22/2022 from 1:00-7:00 and then Fri 4/22/2022 Orientation at 5:00. There is nothing scheduled for Saturday 23rd or 24th. I’m sure its just me reading it wrong but being new this year I just want to make 100% for sure. Thanks in advance to whoever sets me straight.

You are good. Friday is the schedule for setup. Setup starts at 2:00 according to the first post in this chain.

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