Chattanooga Market Refresher

Good Afternoon,

We are now several weeks into the market season and I wanted to give a quick refresh to some of our rules and guidelines to make sure we can have a smooth as a possible market.

  • All vendors will still be pre-placed. This is not going away and has worked very well in creating a more efficient process in the mornings at the market. All arts and rafts vendors under 20 points should be prepared to set up outside.

  • All vendors must check-in by 10. We have vendors showing up as late as 10:30, but this has to end. This creates a scene of vendors setting up while customers are walking around and is unpleasant.

  • All cars need to enter from the front of the pavilion and exit through the back in the morning. In the afternoon it will flip and you will need to enter from the back and exit through the front. All cars need to be out of the pavilion by 9 am each Sunday. Cars can not drive in until 4:30 after the market. This is a zero-tolerance rule and will result in a multi-week suspension is broken. It is unsafe and puts vendors, customers, and staff at risk.


Hello, I apologize, but I just saw this. We are new vendors and this is our first time at the Chattanooga Market. We’ve been doing the Collegedale Market. We do have under 20 points, where would the set up be outside. I was not aware that there was outside space; our products do not work well outside. I thought it was all inside under the Pavilion, which is fine for us. Is there any exception to the rule or not? I am familiar with the area, so where exactly would the outdoor spots be?
Thank you!

Antoinette – it depends on the weekend, but in general the newer vendors start outside and work their ways indoors as priority points build.

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