Reserved Booth Vendors Set-Up Reminder

In the last few weeks, we have had a number of Reserved Booth vendors that have been running behind and their spot has been given away. This results in a conflict that no one wants to have. To avoid this I wanted to remind all Reserved Booth vendors of the setup procedures.

Below is the Reserved Booth Set-up Process pulled from the vendor handbook which can be found here:

***Set up Procedure for Reserved Booth Holders ***

Reserved booth holders are not required to be in attendance every single market, however, we will need to know prior to the morning roll call whether or not you are there.

  • Farm & Food vendors will need to come mark their space off at the front desk prior to the 8:30 Farm & Food roll call.
  • Arts & crafts vendors will need to come mark their space off at the front desk prior to the 9:15 Arts & Crafts roll call.

If you are running behind you can call (423) 648-2496 and ask one of the market staff members to mark your space off on the map. Be sure to physically speak with someone and do not leave a voicemail as we will not be answering voicemails during market setup!

If you fail to mark your space off on the map and another vendor picks that space during roll-call and is unable to set up you may be required to forfeit your space for the day or pay the other vendor’s setup fee, at market discretion.


Be sure to review the drive in procedures also to avoid traffic jams.

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Where is the drive in procedure? I looked …

Check with Tucker, he can fill you in and point you in the right direction.

  • 9:00 am : Vehicles out of the pavilion

It is important to have vehicles out by 9:00 am as the pavilion will begin to get very crowded. At this time the market crew will begin setting up the stage and sound system, closing off the back entrance.


What about the Collegedale Market set up ? We have several Vendors who are chronically running late on Sundays every Sunday. Maybe you could please remind everybody of the rules regarding set up and breakdown for Collegedale, unless it doesn’t apply
Thank you

haha! I see what you did here … :grin:

Is that all there is to the drive in procedure? I would like to suggest a few tweeks … :slight_smile:

The 2 main thorough-fares (parallel) entering and exiting the Pavilion should be used for entering and exiting …
Once you have found your space … pull in to the horizontal lanes between the spaces.
This will leave the parallel thorough-fares open for people to enter and exit… unless you have large trailers and whatnots…
This way we will not have to wait on your unwoke ass as you selfishly block the entire lane…you know who you are … :joy:

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Thanks for your concern, Ursula. Fortunately, Collegedale is more laid back in terms of logistics and we do not need to insist upon as rigid of an operating policy. If people are running a bit late, no worries! We can accomodate