Good Boundaries Make Good Neighbors ... :)

Blessings Oh Space Czars…

Would you please give us a refresh on the protocol of how to address the issue of aggressive vendors setting up outside their allotted space, into the aisles…?

… a little is overlooked… but a lot?

Sometimes it’s a one-off thang. Sometimes it’s an ongoing thang.

It feels aggressive, shows a lack of consideration for our fellow vendor and causes distress at having to be placed in the position of calling out their “lack consciousness”…

Thank you for addressing this…


Yes, I agree. Even after notifying staff and them notifying vendor, 10 minutes later they scoot stuff right back out in aisles. We all want exposure, but really, how is this fair to ALL VENDORS. Just because you get a corner booth it shouldn’t allow you to extend out 5 or more feet from your lines. This happened on 8-11-19 at Pavilion. To leave vendors having to complain, maybe it might be a good idea to check at least hour after set up to see who is still moving stuff back out. Thank y’all so much for the great job you do, this isn’t your fault, we ALL should know the rules and follow them.


Great question! I’m happy to address this.

All booths are required to stay inside the 10’x10’ designated space, unless an exception is made by one of the market managers for some reasonable circumstance (food trucks typically need more space, etc). But by default, you must stay within the box.

If someone is a repeat offender of this (or any of our other) courtesy rules, then let us know. We won’t point at you as the source of the complaint, but we can not be everywhere at once and typically stay busy dealing with a lot of issues. We will address the booth placement issues, and if we end up having the same talk multiple times then will take a longer-term corrective action.

As long as everyone is working together to get along and create a happy market, I don’t get too fussy over the little things unless it creates a safety hazard. But once it creates unhappiness with others, then it’s time for us to step in and reestablish the limits.

To privately report an issue, email


Thanks Chris! … It says my post must be 2o characters … ha!

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Hi Chris, Yesterday, 8/25, I became quite frustrated with the staff, who would not help me after three request. My neighbor had bins extending 3-4 FEET into the aisle, and obstructed my booth’s entry, especially when customers were looking thru the merchandise. I saw many people completely miss my booth due to navigating the congestion. I have photos of the set up. I understand Tucker was busy with the event, but I asked two other staff to help. I would love to put easels out in front of my booth, it would be a great way to stand out. but I’m a rules person, and I would not be that inconsiderate to my neighbors. You really do need to do walk thrus (this incident would have been clear before opening) - it is important to the ones who abide by the handbook.

Hey Connie!

I know I talked to you later in the day about this as I was busy assisting with the cook-off and I’m sorry it was not handled sooner. It will be taken care of this week and I will be making this a point before roll call next Sunday to go over.


Thank you, I will be on vacation next week, but back on the 8th. Have a good show!