Having difficulties

I’m working on getting my state, county tax info and numbers, ( I Have EIN number) can i confirm Prays Custom Creations has an existing application.
This is for Hand cut Custom Silhouettes by Miss Beth
I can prepay for my space, if you can give me a preferred payment method.
also I believe i filled out an application last year.

Hi Beth - you are already an approved vendor. I emailed you information about how to sign up and participate in Market events both last year and again on March 1st.

I,m so sorry, I’m horrible at this part of my job. I’m glad i’m approved, i thought so. i sent $75 tonight. I have my EIN number. Do i need anything else? What weekend should I plan for?
Having issues with email.Bethpray1@hotmail.com is where i checked to no avail. thank you for your help!
Beth Pray

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It’s ok. The $75 was an application fee. You’ll still need to sign up for individual events you’d like to participate in. You can do so by following the link here. Make sure you also sign up for a new vendor orientation as well. The vendor’s handbook also has a lot of information you’ll want to know - so give it a look over. If you still have questions, give me a call on Monday (423-565-9115).

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