Holiday Market Second Booth Discount


We are in the final stages of planning for our 2020 Holiday Market, and have some extra booths available. Many of our regular vendors have opted to sit this season out due to COVID19 concerns (which we completely understand), but we prefer to have a full house than some vacancies.

If you are already registered for Holiday Market, we’re offering you the option of adding a second booth at a discount – normally +$425 extra, we will discount the second booth at a rate of $1 per Priority Point currently accrued, up to a maximum of $200 discount. So for our longer-term vendors, it will generally equate having a second booth at about half price.

A few related details:

  • If you opt-in for this, your booth location will likely be moved (not everyone has an empty spot adjacent to them currently). Where you go will be at the discretion of the Market Manager.

  • This is intended to be a reward for our vendors, and to help us fill the space. We reserve the right to decline any situation which might attempt to game the system or impose some unexpected side effect.

  • We have a half-dozen vendors who have already booked a second booth at normal rates; your account will automatically be credited for the discount, no action is required on your part. If you’ve paid in full (only one or two of you), then we will settle the difference with you at some point – you’ve not missed out or been penalized for stepping up early.

It’s an expensive venue to rent, but most everyone enjoys the warmth and comfort of being indoors during the Holiday Market series. We hope this helps you to sell more during the event, and to offer a larger shopping footprint for your customers.

To enroll, contact our help desk or discuss with a Market Manager this weekend.