2021 Holiday Market

We are launching the registration process for Holiday Market 2021 on Thursday, and I wanted to give you a bit of an overview:

  • Fees are not changing from last year. During the discounted enrollment period (July 1-Aug 15) setup is $325 for all three weekends; electricity remains $50 extra, and the sales commission of 10% remains the same.

  • Early Bird renewal prepaid deposits will be applied towards the fees, and their spot either remains the same or will be reassigned to best available based on the request they have already provided us. There were about 90 Early Bird renewals, so technically the event is already half-filled.

  • All others will be assigned spaces by the market manager. Only the Early Bird renewals participate in the booth selection process.

  • Each year, several people drop out for various reasons – some have moved, others have health issues or maybe just stopped operating their craft/business because of a new job, etc. We do not automatically know who those people are – we only know who is still communicating with us. Registering for the event is the most effective way of communicating that you are returning! Everyone must register in order to participate in Holiday Market.

  • All Early Bird registrants are guaranteed their spot/participation through the initial 6-week enrollment period (July 1-August 15). If we do not hear from someone during that time period, their space may be offered to someone else.

  • Everyone must register for 2021 Holiday Market through the registration portal (link below). We are collecting the initial payment ($125) through this system, and will invoice you the remainder through our Quickbooks accounting system (so your $50 + $125 = $175 will be applied towards your booth fees, giving most vendors a remaining balance of $150 + optional electricity).

  • After August 15, the registration fees will return to $425 for all three weekends, and we will open up enrollment for single-day participants starting November 1. The single-day rate will be $125/day, and there are no reserves so availability will be limited.

The most cost-effective approach to Holiday Market is to register during the discounted enrollment period (July 1-August 15). Space is only available until it runs out, and we do expect that the event will return to sold-out capacity this year.

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Will it be possible to book a space just for one weekend?

@DuddSantas after November 1, on a space-available basis.

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What are the dates for this year?

the first three weekends in December

We were not at the market last year due to COVID but we really want to make it this year!! I was hoping to register during the early bird period but I am having difficulty doing so. Is there anything we need to try? or do we just not qualify yet?

Eduardo, contact the Help Desk for individual assistance. More broadly, the signup form is at Sign Me Up – simply register and your spot is reserved.

In your particular case, we’ll also need updated insurance/permits as you are a food product manufacturer. But there are no screenings/qualifications on the form – it’s just a signup that takes your deposit, so it should work for everyone.

We got it to work. Thank you

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