Holiday Market 2021 - 82% filled

A quick update - Holiday Market 2021 is already 82% filled, with only 30 booths remaining. An additional follow-up email has been sent to those who have not yet responded/paid towards their 2021 fees (split - half not attending, and half are now current), but the final tally is that we are tracking well-ahead of last year pace.

Registration is online for those wanting to attend, and this is the last update I’ll make about Holiday for a while. We just needed to verify the current counts so that space is not oversold during this event. It is on pace for an early sell-out

How do we sign up for this?

Michael - the same method you register for all events. Click the RSVP menu item at the top of this forum, select the Holiday Market page and register.

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Sign up genius says I cannot enter two booths only one? help

Holiday market says you can only purchase one booth, do I just need to do it twice?

Holiday Market is designed for single booth occupancies. Contact the Help Desk for individual requests.

On Sept 1, a Holiday Market announcement it was written “on your invoice it will indicate whether you have double or single booth” so I was assuming that double spaces were available? Not so? Thanks

Where is the help desk? Looked all over.