Holiday Market 2021

Holiday Market 2021 is over 2/3’s filled, and we will begin the process of sending out second payment invoices starting today - it will take a bit of time, so don’t panic if you don’t receive an invoice immediately.

The invoice will indicate if you have a single or double booth, and also what your remaining balance (due in Oct) will be. All Early Bird deposits and registration payments will be applied.

Several 2020 Early Bird renewals have not made their first 2021 payment yet; if that is you, we assume that you will not be attending, and your priority reservation/reserved spot is being returned to the available pool.

Finally, if you haven’t signed up and wish to attend Holiday Market 2021 – the online registration form is published here: Sign Me Up The initial fees have been adjusted to include the August and September payment, so only the remaining October payment will be invoiced.

Individual weekends, if available, will be offered starting in November. It’s hard to believe that we are wrapping up the final events for this season, but ready or not – here it comes!

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Just wondering if there will be any covid guidelines for vendors and attendees?

Thank you,


I’m sure there will be some; whatever the CDC, Governor and Hamilton County Health Department recommends, we will follow.

My guess is that all indoor spaces will require a face mask, as was the case last year – and is the current active recommendation from the CDC. I personally doubt that will change much in the next few months…

I’d love to come the 18th and 19th so that will be available to purchase if there is room in November?

Also, I wanted to sign up for the chattanooga market this Sunday 9/5 but I was having trouble can I still do so? If so who can I tell or ask.

Holiday: yes, individual weekends will be published in November (space available)

This weekend: Registration deadlines are on Tuesday, and unfortunately we have suspended walk-ups indefinitely as a COVID safety measure. But you can signup for next weekend!

I signed up before August 15th for Holiday Market, can I select my booth, I’m not sure if I’m with early bird registration or not. Thank you!

Hi Sali,

Holiday Market 2020 Vendors were allowed to “Early Bird” register for 2021 in December (2020), and during that process could maintain their existing booth placement or request to be moved. Everyone else is placed by the market staff.

Frankly, there isn’t a bad spot in the building!

Thank you Chris! Yes, I totally agree, there isn’t a bad spot there! Can’t wait for an awesome Holiday Market this year!

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Hey Chris! Thanks for the heads up. I’m sure it’s a glitch, but I received my invoice 11:26 yesterday morning and got my first nastygrahm for non payment at 1:26 am this morning! That’s not how you win friends and influence people!:rofl:. Might just need to double check the quick books bot or something. Thanks!

We don’t send nastygrams - must have been a QuickBooks glitch. Wonders of technology… sorry, and thanks for the payment!

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