Holiday Market 2023 Early Bird

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas - or at least feel like it! Brrrrr! But we’re bundled up cozily, and counting down the days to this year’s Holiday Market (at the time of posting, roughly, 11 days, 1 hour, 15 minutes, 30 seconds until load in begins)!

As in years past, we’re offering vendors participating in this year’s Holiday Market to reserve next year’s booth early. Last year, we heard from you that you didn’t feel there was enough time to make the reservation, so we’re opening it up a week and a half earlier this year!

The Early Bird registration deposit will remain $50/booth. The Early Bird registration window will expire this month on Saturday, December 17, 2022, at 6:00 p.m. As with last year, there will be no exceptions to this cut off, so reserve your spot early!

Note: if you have a double-booth, and desire a double-booth - select a quantity of 2 during the renewal process (deposit will be $100); if you have a double-booth but desire a single, select 1 (deposit will be $50). Single booth renewals will also be $50. Your online registration will be the definitive, indisputable reference for your 2022 booth configuration.

Please note: if you have a single booth, but desire a double booth, we will take that into consideration but double-booths are not guaranteed for current single-booth holders. If we deny your double booth request, we will refund the extra deposit fee paid.

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I get in but it will not let me sign up. Please let me know what to do. Thank you Kei

Never mind I think it went thru. I went around the word and back and now I have a receipt if you will just verify I’m set for next yr Christmas market. Thank you Kei I’m on the struggle bus lol

Hi Kei - Yep, you’re on our nice list for next year! :gift: :gift: :gift:

I have a single booth for 2022. If I wanted a double in 2023 would I just select 2 when I checkout?

Yes, but also be aware that changing the number of booths will also prevent your return to the same spot next year.

Hope I’m on the Nice List for next year too. I signed up for two booths.

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Since the system is currently down will we be able to sign up during the market and pre-pay there?

I went ahead and reserved, payment has posted. Do you see my reservation? Must be a gremlin…

The system will be back up soon - we’re just giving SUG time to fix their problem. They are busy working on it now…

Thanks, I had no issue. I’m sure it’s fine. You have my money :cowboy_hat_face::moneybag:. See ya Friday

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Hello! The link I clicked asks for an access code. Please advise. Can early bird registration be done at end of day check-out? Thank you!

Revised comment: SUG enrollment is back online

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