Holiday Market 2022 Early Bird

We’ve had a very busy week, and I’ve heard reports that the first weekend of Holiday Market was quite busy. Congrats on the great start of the series! This year sold out quickly, and we expect that demand for Holiday Market will remain strong for many years ahead.

Moving forward, we will be using our RSVP system (powered by Signup Genius) exclusively for registrations, including Holiday Market renewals. Participants in the 2021 Holiday Market series are given first-priority to renew and maintain their current booth location, if they desire to return to 2022. Open registration for all others, including those wishing to change booth locations, will start July 1, 2022.

Creation of a Signup Genius account is now required in order to register; they are free, but will greatly improve your ability to keep track of the events you have registered for. We will be requiring an account for registrations for all future events.

The Early Bird registration deposit will remain $50/booth, and we will only guarantee the renewal rate of $450/booth (add $50 for electricity) to the Early Bird renewing vendors. We do anticipate that 2022 Holiday Market fees will be increasing next year, due to inflationary pressures currently present within our economy. The Early Bird registration window will expire this month [on Sunday Dec 14, 2021 Saturday December 18 at 6pm].

Note: if you have a double-booth, and desire a double-booth - select a quantity of 2 during the renewal process (deposit will be $100); if you have a double-booth but desire a single, select 1 (deposit will be $50). Single booth renewals will also be $50. Your online registration will be the definitive, indisputable reference for your 2022 booth configuration.

For Early Bird renewals only:

Registration fees are $450/booth for all three weekends (6 market days total, plus 3 setup days); the convention center charges an additional $50 for electricity (not included in the base setup fee). All events collect an additional 10% sales commission daily. Parking not included.

Deposits are non-refundable, and only provide you with first-option to return in 2022. Invoices for the remaining balance will be sent in July, and your space will be forfeited if you do not pay the invoice by August, 2022. It’s up to you to make sure you maintain communication with us and verify that your fees are paid in a timely manner.

Open registration for Holiday Market 2022 will begin in July, 2022 for all eligible vendors – rates to be determined/published upon our contractual renewal with the convention center. We will not be accepting renewals using any other method than online payment via Signup Genius.

I’ll be onsite the next two weeks, if you have questions – enjoy the week, see you soon!

Chris, I’m confused on why there are 3 set up days. Will we not be able to set up for the entire three weeks like we usually have? Thanks!

it’s never guaranteed, as was the case in 2019