Holiday Market payments

Happy Tuesday!

Just a reminder that Holiday Market payments are due today! Please get those paid ASAP! We will start assigning booths in the next couple of days and if you haven’t paid the booth fee we won’t give you a spot until it is paid in full.


Looking forward to a great Holiday Market this year!
Are we able to request our same location as last year or is that automatically where were placed anyway?
And my other question is… will we have an easier process for the gate entry (especially after parking) this year? :blush:

I paid my remaining balance today. Just want to make sure I have a booth.

Signup for load-in times will be published soon – but there isn’t any way to make it any more enjoyable; the bottleneck is with the ramps. Regular parking is in the attached parking garage, or on the street, but not behind the center. Access via the gate/rear is restricted to the load-in/out process, per their security process.

If you early-bird renewed, then you automatically keep your previous spot – otherwise, it’s a bit of a random process.


Hi Chris! Thanks for the response.
It’s not so much the gate entry for loading. That part isn’t so bad. It’s after you park in the garage and need to walk in/out of the gate. I recall having to wait until there was a car going through the gate to “piggyback” with it through the gate.

Oh, I see - you are parking behind the CCC (icon: Circle P). I believe that technically is the TVA Parking Structure. There is an attached garage located between the Marriott and CCC (owned by the CCC) which connects directly to the front hallway.

I have no idea if the fees are the same/different, but that is definitely the simplest way of accessing the space. There is also a “call button” on the rear gate which goes to CCC security, and they can buzz you in after some interrogation. Welcome to downtown security…

I would suggest that you try the attached garage once and see what you think – it’s where I advise my wife/friends to park.

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Ahhh… Ok. I will look forward to using the attached parking garage. I’ll certainly update my parking practices this time around! Simple is better.
Thank you!

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Hello Brandy ,
Marco here from Zócalo Salsas & Tamales.
We were late to enroll to the Holiday Market and we are looking for a possible cancelation available .
I will appreciate if you let me know and make our payment.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Very best


100% Artisan Foods LLC
( Zocalo Salsas & Tamales )