Holiday Market Report, Week 2

While I do not yet have the detailed reports from weekend, we did a quick count of both days and found that vendor sales were slightly over $70k both on Saturday and Sunday (almost identical sales), resulting an a $140k weekend. The Holiday Market Series thus far has generated $285k in vendor sales, which is more than many of our regular market monthly totals in 2020 – a solid showing.

It’s true that we’re behind 2019 pace, but that is a surprise to nobody – I’m amazed (and grateful) that we’re even close to our normal levels. Best yet, everyone (vendors, crowds, etc) have been respectful and courteous towards the County’s Health Mandates and I’ve felt very comfortable within our environment. I’m aware that other events are much larger and “back to normal” in the area; that seems quite premature to me, and it’s not something I care to be involved in. Your safety, the safety of my staff and our collective patrons have been our priority all season - and will continue to be our approach until the all-clear signal is given. Our long-term success is much more important than a near-term profit.

Early Bird registrations will be accepted this weekend for the Holiday Market 2021 – $50 guarantees your spot for next year. Early Bird is only offered onsite and during the event to existing vendors; general enrollment for all others will open around July 1, 2021. There is no pressure to enroll, but space is not guaranteed otherwise. I do expect that many of our vendors who took 2020 off for personal reasons will return in 2021, and that we will return to a max capacity format. This is your one and only opportunity for guaranteed access.

Have a great week, and I’m personally looking forward to wrapping up our 2020 season on a positive note this upcoming weekend.


Thanks Chris this is awesome news. For those of us who purchased a double booth this year will we be able to do the same next year?

Doubles have always been available, but not always discounted like they were this year. I expect the option will remain, but not necessarily the subsidized rate.

Thanks Chris much appreciated!

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