Important Holiday Market 2023 Announcement

We’ve just been notified that an event will be held in Exhibit Hall A on Monday December 11-Thursday December 14, 2023 (between the second and third weekends) – and as such we will need to clear of Hall A Sunday evening. It’s not ideal, but not as bad as it initially sounds:

  • our stage area and concessions takes up a large chunk of this space, so much of that burden is on us
  • vendors in Exhibit Hall A can store their fixtures within the footprint of Exhibit Hall B during the week
  • we had planned ahead for this type of interruption and already reserved/paid for a full load-in/setup day on Friday Dec 15, so it won’t be rushed/crazy like it was several years ago.
  • we will also have some of our stagehands around to assist vendors, after they finish moving our stage/sound equipment.

We don’t exactly know where the wall division lies within the scope of our map/layout, and won’t until we start setting up booths this year - so aside from the graphic above, your guess is as good as ours as to who will need to shift. If you are against that far southern wall (example: Steven Llorca), then you are definitely impacted. We will have a handout for those vendors explaining options, particularly where you can store your stuff for the mid-week period.

We will know who will be impacted with certainty on Saturday December 2, 2023 - you will be provided with an info sheet at that time.

Sorry, but this is always a possibility with this venue; we’re grateful that they allow us to remain in place most of the time, at no additional cost. This event would be cost prohibitive if we were charged for the entirety of our three-week footprint.


Thanks Chris for the update.

thanks! We are looking forward to the event!

Thanks for the heads up! I sure I will be one that needs to pack up so I’ll try and get help that Sunday evening.


I happy to pitch in and help anybody that needs help that night to pack and move.


NOooooo not again :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

What is the address to the center? This will be my first one.

Note vendor load-in is in the back of the venue, but no parking allowed (other than your unload). Parking is either on the surrounding streets or in the attached garage between CCC and Hotel, which is accessible from the front street side. There might also be a public structure behind the venue; it used to be exclusive to TVA, but perhaps those days are no longer.


Thank you… much appreciated… app pay parking was a new experience for us

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