Market Report 7/14

The FiveStar Food Fight was a solid event, and has become one of our most prestigious chef events. With harvest season in full swing, we shift our themes to embrace the culinary arts – and our vendor sales reflect the seasonal emphasis.

One segment of the market which has really taken off over the last few years has been our gourmet/packaged food products. Spices, artisan breads, nuts, sauces and butters have all been happily consumed by our customers – and we’ve seen some amazing growth in those categories.

The Top 3 Categories from 7/14 were:

  • Concessions ($18,133 / $788 avg)
  • Fresh Produce ($17,608 / $1,467 avg)
  • Artisan Foods ($16,002 / $571 avg)

Other high average sales categories included Wood, Metal, Clothing and Pet Products – it was nice to see some higher price-point items be sold.

This Sunday is Top Tomato, featuring a bountiful tomato harvest and Bloody Mary contest with local restaurants – it’s going to be a warm one, so stay hydrated and keep your electrolytes happy!