Meet Sarah Morris

Hey guys, please give a big welcome to our newest Chattanooga Market Team Member—Sarah Morris! Sarah will be working as a both a Market Manager on Sundays AND your new help desk guru (but give her a minute) :exploding_head: Among all of the other things we throw her way :rofl:

Here’s what Sarah has to say:

Hi! I’m Sarah Morris, and I’m brand new to the market management team. A little about me, my background is in legal work, and I’m used to being behind a desk all day. To say this is a change of pace is an understatement. My hobbies include off-key karaoke, brushing up on my Spanish, and pretending I’m on British Bake Off. I’ll be doing a lot of the help desk work, in addition to helping out at the markets in-person. So, please come say hi, and chat for a bit (especially in Spanish). I’m really excited to work with all of you!

You can reach Sarah via the help desk: and make sure to come up and say HELLO to her Opening Weekend :wave: :smile:


Welcome Sarah! We are new to the Market this year as well!

Welcome Sarah from KB Artisans and Forge. (Kathleen and Buck) Look forward to meeting you.

Welcome Sarah from Grumpy Ole Goat

Welcome to the family!

Welcome Sarah I’m new here to so welcome to both of us can’t wait to meet you all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Welcome Sarah!! Look forward to meeting and working with you.

We talked briefly at the River Market, welcome to the Market Family

Welcome, look forward to meeting you.

Welcome, Sarah. Sounds like an exciting change for you!

Thanks for the warm welcome! I look forward to getting to know everyone!

Welcome to the market! Look forward to meeting you.
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Elaine Essary and crew

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Hi Sarah
I cant wait to meet you and all the others. I will be at orientation this Sunday April 1st. Cant wait to get to get to show in one of the markets.

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I’ll be there, too! See you then!

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Welcome, Sarah. I’m sure you’ll do great!
Best Wishes,
Susan Parry

P.S.I love the British Bake-offs too!


Welcome Sarah Welcome to the Market Family hope to meet you soon!