Mother's Day + Kane Brown Concert

This is going to be one of the busiest weekends in the history of the Market – and of Finley Stadium. The field is being prepped for the Kane Brown Concert Saturday Night, and the post-show load-out will be 24-hours/day until they finish late Tue night.

To help you navigate the process:

  • Expect for things to be a bit more chaotic that usual when you arrive on Sunday; there will be lots of evidence of the concert, including fencing, vehicles and people swarming the place
  • We’ve reduced available vendor capacity to aid with the activity – fewer vendors = more flexibility in solving the unexpected problems. Walk-up spaces will not be available
  • Do not arrive super early; 8am is a good arrival target.

Hope to see you at the show, and then again on Mother’s Day at the Market


Chris will we need to come in the back this week because of this event?

No. But expect for there to be last minute changes

Hi Chris,
We would like to sign up for this weekend market but it doesnt let us anymore. Is there any way we can be added?

Registration ends on Tuesdays - always - and this weekend is completely wrapped, maps created and focus shifted to the concert. We can not make any changes at this time.

Hello, any updates on my application?

Blevins Wagyu Beef

You may want to email the help desk for this question.

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