New Tennessee Gun Law

I did look in the market handbook before asking this.

I normally carry my S&W or MP with me every where with being licensed and trained. With our new Tennessee law (permitless gun carry will be the law July 1st) how does the market feel about the vendors carrying a weapon? Do you have a policy? Just asking because I’m a curious vendor.

Full compliance with all federal, state and local laws is a cornerstone of the market experience. We require that all of our participants be “good citizens” with their actions and behaviors of all matters, and we will hold everyone directly and fully accountable for their decisions. Open displays of weapons within a market event are disruptive and viewed as threats to public safety, and will result in arrest, full prosecution and lawsuit.

While we will not tolerate protests or other public displays which may agitate, disrupt or threaten our otherwise happy and family-friendly atmosphere, everyone is entitled to private and responsible observation of all recognized laws, civil rights and religious beliefs as allowed for by our forms of government.

We work closely with our Chattanooga Police Officers and Department of Homeland Security to craft best practice policies to maintain public safety, and will continue modify them without notice based on their recommendations and guidelines. It is also your responsibility to stay current with such laws, especially during events where armed uniformed protection is being provided by the event organizer and/or alcohol is being served.

If you carry, or have any concern regarding public safety during any of our events, I recommend that you have a conversation with one of our CPD Officers (present during every event) to discuss the current laws, your personal responsibilities and best practices.


I fully agree with the law. I follow process. I just know that being a small woman, I have been in some shady situations being a vendor. I carry for my safety, not just for showing off my pretty pink S&W. I have always found our markets safe. Was just wondering the protocol. I have hidden pockets (license of concealed). No one usually knows I am a packing granny. I don’t aim to intimidate. I aim to protect me and mine. :nerd_face: