New Vendor Applications on HOLD

Due to tremendous new vendor interest, we are temporarily halting new vendor applications until the backlog of pending applications has been processed. We literally have received hundreds of new applications, which is unprecedented – it’s going to take us some time to catch up.

Thank you for your patience.


Hi We sent in our application on Feb 1, paid our application fee but are waiting for health department inspection. Is there a contact I can talk to Chris?

All applications received before the shutoff will be processed; if yours is still pending, then you are still on track.

Hello, I was just accepted as a vendor but don’t see an orientation to sign up for for the Chattanooga Market. Is that not posted yet or am I missing it? Excited to get started, thank you!!

There will be one - still several weeks out. Welcome to the market

Any idea of when applications for a food truck might open?

Why don’t you contact the help desk at and remind us as to what it is that you serve. We are still trying to judge the capacity/demand balance, and I’m reluctant to throw the applications wide open again too quickly.

Street Food Festival registration is opening soon, and it will be available to any food truck.

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Any idea when applications may be opened up?

Check back mid/late May.

I was a vendor last year, Yellow Cutter Wood Service. For some reason I never received emails. I sent all of my information in, but I still don’t receive email correspondence. The same thing happened last year, but after I drove up, the lady at front desk was able to look in the system and see that I was approved. Can some one check to make sure that I’m clear to attend?

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Regarding emails: you must to assume that all technology will fail at some point, and emails are notorious for something going wrong. Fortunately, the platforms we have created for communicating with vendors and registering for events no longer are dependent upon the success of an email message being delivered:

  • 100% of our communication occurs via this vendor forum; copies are emailed to the registered participants of the forum to your associated email address, but all posts are also publicly viewable from the website from your laptop, tablet or smartphone device. If you haven’t heard anything from us in a bit, that’s a good sign that your email isn’t working correctly – just check the forum to see what is new

  • Event registration now requires a free Signup Genius account for this exact same reason (Event Registration 2022 - Account Required) – it provides a mechanism for you to view what events you are registered for from within your account. It’s really slick – you signup for something, and it’s on the list. Again, this completely removes the uncertainties of “did I or not - where’s that email?” from the process.

It’s pretty important that you work out how to either get your emails working OK with our system, or to at least build habits/process to use our forum/registration tools to their fullest. If you want to bring your laptop or device to setup (between 2pm-8pm today, Fri Apr 22) I will help to walk you through those details to make future events simpler for you.