Opening Weekend - Last Call

As previously announced, registration for Opening Weekend will close soon:

There is still capacity available, but we will not be processing last-minute requests or attempted registrations beyond the cutoff. It takes quite a bit of effort to get the season of the ground, and this Spring is our most active yet!

Thanks to all who have already registered and help to make the process smooth for everyone :slight_smile:


Hi Chris I have been watching to see when I can apply and it still says on the web sight
that the applications are still on hold. I will be a new vendor is there any available for a new vendor?

They opened in Feb, and we had about 150 people apply in less than three weeks. It’s going to take a bit of time before we open up again the applications again

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Can I register for one day on the 24th opening weekend?

We still have our regular booth right? Thank you in advance

not until we announce availability of Sunday-only registrations. current enrollment process ends on Apr 8

Returning SP holders maintain their previous spot

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