Return to Normal Food Truck Set-up/Vendors Outside

This weekend we will return to our normal food truck set-up with some trucks returning to food court and stage area. If you are a food truck please check in prior to setting up as you will likely be in a new spot this weekend.

With this change we have expanded the number of vendors at the market. If you are a newer vendor you should be prepared to be outside in the event that you are placed outside.

Thank you,



Does this mean we are returning to morning role call tomorrow or will spaces still be assigned?

Hi! We are new vendors ( have attended River market so far ) and reserved a space for next weekend. I can’t seem to find a time line as to what time we need to be at Chattanooga Market on the 13th.
Thanks !


If you click on the Markets menu item at the top of this forum page, it will take you to a listing of all of our events/locations - a timeline is included with each section.