River Season Wrapup

We just wrapped up the 2020 River Market Season, and frankly it was our best ever. We did extend a few weeks longer than typical, but only because the traffic and purchasing patterns were strong – and the weather absolutely perfect. Here’s a recap, and a comparison to 2019:

  • 2020: 627 vendors sold $246,805 of goods (avg: $393/vendor day)
  • 2019: 696 vendors sold $215,021 of goods (avg: $309/vendor day)

Interestingly, we really saw the curve spike this Fall - across all markets, actually. My personal take on this is that people are desperate to get out of the house and do something, even if it’s a short drive from Atlanta or Nashville to Chattanooga for the day. It’s great that they were supporting our City, our Markets and our Vendors.

All good things must come to an end eventually, and we have wrapped up River Market for the season. Several vendors caught me on Sunday and asked if we could extend the River Season. There is one truth which is immutable: Thanksgiving and the Christmas Holidays are just around the corner, and like clockwork people’s attention (and personal budgets) will shift towards those horizons on November 1. Paired with the weather, which is currently awesome but subject to dramatic swings, the risks of being outdoors at River exceed the gains moving forward.

We might could get one more week in, but I really don’t expect crowds to remain as strong moving forward until we reopen in the Spring. But I am looking forward to the Spring at River, and currently do anticipate that we will reopen there on-time and with positive momentum and energy. Our vendor meetings and signups will begin in early March.

Thank you for an OUTSTANDING River Market Fall, and overall season. It’s a bright, happy spot in an otherwise difficult year – and I for one am thrilled (and relieved) to share these great results.