V. E. 2. Holiday Market Booth Information

Booth Size

All of our events use a standard 10’x10′ booth size. Multiple booths are allowed at Holiday Market (additional fees apply).

Consult the registration forms for more information.

Layout, Fixtures & Electricity

Our layout is designed to provide everyone with a corner booth! You will have at least two sides of your standard 10’x10′ booth which will be facing an aisle/walkway. There are no partitions between booths; it is up to you and your booth neighbor to find a suitable way to separate your items. Tents are allowed but not required – feel free to be creative with your space!

We do not provide tables, chairs or any other fixtures – please bring everything needed for your setup. Table rental is offered by the convention center, but we must be contacted no later than 2 weeks prior to the event.

Electricity is available at every booth location; a flat per-connection fee is charged by the convention center, which must be paid before the hookup will be authorized.

  • For 2022: the prepaid/schedule electric drop is $50 in advance, or $75 when ordered onsite/day of show.

Booth Locations

Holiday Market booths are assigned in the following sequence:

  • returning vendors who early-bird register (returning is highest priority)
  • by month of registration (earlier is better)
  • by vendor priority points (higher is better)

We process all vendor registrations at the conclusion of each month (July, August, etc.) until the venue is full. All registrations that month are sorted by vendor priority points to determine booth assignment preferences.

Much like season passes in our regular market season, returning Holiday Market Vendors can reserve their same booth location if they commit to return the following year. This early-bird registration process will occur during the Holiday Market, and concludes on the last day of the event.

When will we find out booth location for the holiday market?
Also, are tents allowed in the convention center?

It states above that tents are allowed but not required.

Hi Catie,

Larry is right - tents are permitted, but not required. A lot of vendors forego them for the Holiday Market. And if we post the layout before the event, it will be on the vendor’s forum - but I’m not sure we will. If not, then you can find your booth at the front desk when you get there Friday or Saturday.

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