Weather Announcements

There was a scattering of messages from people across several locations, forums, etc about our markets this weekend. To clarify:

  • All events are held rain or shine, unless cancelled by public officials/market staff due to unsafe conditions.
  • Historically, River Market is the only location that has been cancelled at least once per year due to the complete lack of shelter; we hardly ever cancel or modify any other location.

And here’s the most important part:

  • If a market/event is cancelled, the announcement will be posted to this vendor forum as soon as the decision is made. Everyone has access to this website (, even those who are not market vendors, so it’s simple to check to see if a cancellation has occurred. It also works great from mobile phones.
  • Secondarily, we will attempt notify the registered participants of the event by email through our ticketing platform. But emails sometimes get lost, sent to junk folders and otherwise are imperfect; the forum announcement is 100% guaranteed.
  • We typically do not check/respond to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email, voicemail, or even forum posts on event days; we are busy making the event happen! If a notice of cancellation is not on the vendor forum, the event is still expected to occur.

We understand the efforts/anxieties associated with weather and outdoor events, thus we try to make decisions (and announcements) as soon as reasonably possible - the night before is our preference. Violent and unexpected weather is an exception – and apparently global pandemics. We did shut down the Erlanger Market during setup about a year ago, with zero notice. Let’s hope that never happens again.