V. A. 4. Chattanooga Market Combatting Weather Conditions

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays the Chattanooga Market; as a general rule, at least. If the weather forecast does portend disaster, the Chattanooga Market will make a weather announcement here on the vendor forum.

To keep vendors cool in the summer and warm in the winter, we do allow the use of some fans and heaters. However, the pavilion’s power cannot support the strain of plug-in electric heaters or fans. For that reason, electric heaters and non-battery powered electric fans are prohibited. Battery operated fans and personal propane heaters (such as a Buddy Heater) are permitted, so long as they can be operated safely and are not disruptive to your neighboring vendors. Larger, construction-zone heaters are not allowed. Also, please note that all open flames, including those produced by propane heaters, require a fire extinguisher nearby per the city fire code. Vendors are responsible for having their own fire extinguishers if they use propane heating.

Market staff has the final say on whether a fan or heater may be used in the pavilion.