Food Truck Update

It’s been a challenging year for restaurants and food trucks – all of which are fueled by large crowds comfortable eating out, which just hasn’t happened this season. Our beer/wine sales are $0, for example – it’s just not possible to be responsible and hold festivals in this environment.

But looking through some of our metrics this year, I did find it interesting that the River Market is outperforming all others on our food truck averages. This is in part to the lack of restaurants downtown these days, and strong support from the aquarium, others during those events.

As a sign of things improving, we’re also seeing growth as the year moves into Fall. It varies a bit based on who is onsite, but it’s not uncommon for a well-rounded food provider to break $1k threshold at the River Market.

I think these are good signs of things to come. We’re in the process of approving additional food trucks, and look forward to their participating at all of our markets.