Holiday Market 2020

Hey Aram,
I have a double booth, but only pay the single booth amount. I may be willing to share the booth. Do you have robots?

@davispatw - it was an error, and your invoice has been corrected (along with several others where taxes were automatically added)

Hi Allen,

Again I can only be there on Sundays and not on Saturdays so I’m will to split the cost. I have developed the STEAMbot Robot Kit that I will be selling at the Market starting this Sunday and of course, I want to sell at the Christmas Market. You can reach me at aram dot perez at thesteamtrain dot cc.


Hi! What is the cancellation policy? I paid the early bird deposit but sadly I’m not sure the holiday market is in the cards for us this year. Apologies if this has been addressed somewhere and I missed it!

Hope everyone is well! We miss y’all!

We miss you, too!

Deposits are commitments for the space, so you will forfeit the $50 (and not be eligible for Early Bird renewal next cycle). If you email the help desk, they will cancel your invoice and release the spot to someone else.

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So we can remain set up for all 3 weekends correct?

That’s not guaranteed; what is for certain is that we will have every Friday as a setup day, if needed. It would again double the cost to buy m/t/w/r days - so not worth it.

Hi guys! I noticed my invoice for the holiday market has taxes added as well. Is this correct? Thanks in advance! Been missing everyone!

from above: Holiday Market 2020 - #12 by chris

Hello, new to the Christmas Market. Is there an option to sign up for one or two weekends, not all three?
Thank you,

Hi Diana – not at this time. We have to rent the facility for the entire time block, at a fixed price, so priority is paying that bill!

Thank you for explanation.

Do you have Fridays set up hours? Also what hours is Holiday Market on Saturdays and Sundays?

Hi Diana,

Event hours are 10am-5pm Sat/Sun; Fridays are setup days (exact hours to be shared at a later date – usually starts around 1pm and lasts until 8pm). We often can setup the first weekend, and remain in place – but that’s not guaranteed. But we are guaranteed Friday setup days before each weekend, which will make the overall process fairly simple.

Hello Chris,
Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. It will help me plan my time .

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Has the map been updated? I sent in my preferences when originally asked if I wanted to move but I don’t see PawTory works on there.

Individual requests should be directed to the help desk (

But no, the above graphic is not in “real time” or updated in any particular frequency. A final map will be published in late November.

I was wondering how many vendors have committed to our Holiday Market compared to last year? I’m not sure what to expect given that we are in the middle of a pandemic. I know you don’t know what to expect either. I just wondered the total vendor count so far. Thanks

I actually just answered this question over here: